Visualizes patient anatomy in a rendered three-dimensional display
2D film views and 3D multi-planar reformatted displays
 3D and 4D time-domain reconstruction
 Stereoscopic viewing
 MRI, CT and PET fusion capabilities
 Cumulative dose volume histograms
 Outputs in portable HTML and XML formats
 CT, MRI, PET, and angiographic DICOM image import
 PACS compatible: DICOM query and retrieval, export to PACS
 Patient anonymization for sharing and publishing


Runs on award-winning OsiriX™ medical image viewing software
Mac Pro: Two 3.0GHz quad-core Intel Xeon processors (8-core)
30-inch HD LCD monitor with second 30-inch LCD optional
16x double-layer optical CD/DVD SuperDrive for backup
Virus free and easily adaptable to existing networks