American Radiosurgery, Inc. is involved in creating strategic partnerships in two distinct areas:


Medical Cyclotrone

MEDICAL CYCLOTRONS – A Cyclotron is a type of particle accelerator invented by Ernest O Lawrence in 1932. Inside a cyclotron, charged particles accelerate outward from the center along a spiral path. The spiral path is a spiral trajectory held together by a static magnetic field and accelerated by a rapidly varying electric field or radiofrequency. Medical cyclotrons produce radioisotopes that are high-energy, low-energy or both. These radioisotopes are used in PET/CT or SPECT imaging. A cyclotron typically requires a shielded vault as well as a radiopharmaceutical synthesis component and stringent quality assurance practices. Global Cancer Technology, Inc. provides a wide variety of assistance to institutions needing to develop a cyclotron. Global Cancer Technology, Inc. can provide comprehensive solutions to its customers and assist in facility management, site planning, regulatory guidance, financing and other consulting capabilities. A typical cyclotron to produce medical grade radioisotopes can cost approximately $5 million. The company is currently working on several cyclotron possibilities.

Radiosurgery Partnerships

RGS Vertex 360 - 1RADIOSURGERY PARTNERSHIPS – American Radiosurgery, Inc., has gained valuable knowledge and experience in constructing radiosurgery partnerships. The purpose of a partnership is to place a RGS Vertex or an RGS Orbiter in an advantageous geographical area. The company determines a viable geographic location, identifies participating physicians and insures that the necessary facilities to treat patients are in place. Financing is also a critical component of any radiosurgery partnership. American Radiosurgery, Inc. has several radiosurgery partnerships under development in the US and in international markets.



American Radiosurgery is establishing physician-owned partnerships and financing for the acquisition of the Rotating Gamma System. Contact us at to learn more about these opportunities and the innovative technology that is gaining notoriety around the world.