RGS Vertex360 Case Studies

RGS Vertex360 Case Studies

Acoustic Neuroma in a Twenty-eight-year-old

Hungarian Male

Case treated at the University of Debrecen, Hungary

Radiosurgery performed by Prof. Dr. Laszlo Bognar and Dr. Imre Fedorcsák

A twenty-eight-year-old male presented with sudden tinnitus and mild hearing loss of the right year for the past 18 months. The patient had previously received vascular infusion therapy that resulted in him being asymptomatic for one year.

The symptoms eventually resurfaced and high resolution MR was done. Contrast enhanced T1-weighted images showed a vestibular schwannoma (Koos Grade III). Audiometry was performed with only minor retrocochlear disturbance was recognized. Facial nerve function was normal.

Six months later, repeated MR images showed the tumor had slight volume enlargement:

Image 1

The patient did not want to undergo microsurgical treatment and so radiosurgery using the Rotating Gamma System® Vertex360™ was planned. 10Gy@50% doses were applied at the tumor margin.

Image 2

Four months after the procedure, the loss of central enhancement is recognizable on the MR images. No further functional loss has been observed to date.

Image 3

Case treated at the Rotating Gamma Institute-Gurnee IL

Radiosurgery performed by Dr. Tomasz Helenowski

Chicago, IL Case

Image 4

This patient’s growing tumor (circled in red) was evaluated at two major university centers in Chicago, one of which had a Gamma Knife™ installation. The patient was told that nothing effective could be done to treat the tumor.

Image 5

Due to its larger work envelope, the Rotating Gamma System RGS Vertex360™ was able to successfully treat this patient case. The follow-up MRI scan shows the tumor two months after treatment and following the patient’s European vacation. The patient had no treatment-related side effects and the tumor was greatly reduced in size.

Fourteen-Year-Old Male Case

Image 6

This image shows a fourteen-year-old male with a diagnosis of a malignant germ cell tumor. CT showed hydrocephalus with a large pineal mass.

Image 7

The tumor was treated with the Rotating Gamma System RGS Vertex360™ with a marginal dose of 12 Gy. The tumor disappeared within three months and the patient experienced marked neurological improvements.