Global Cancer Technology

Global Cancer Technology Inc.

Global Cancer Technology was formed in January of 2003. It is a spinoff of American Radiosurgery and shares the same management and facilities of American Radiosurgery. Global Cancer Technology was formed to provide Products, Partnerships and Services for the world-wide Cancer/Oncology market.

PARTNERSHIPS- We are currently involved in developing several Cyclotron partnerships to produce medical grade commercial and research radioisotopes for CT/PET imaging. High demand short-life radioisotopes such as C-11 for prostate and N-13 for cardiology will be produced along with FDG. The average cost of a Cyclotron is $5 Million
Global Cancer Technology is also in the process of creating partnerships to place the RGS Orbiter in radiosurgery centers around the globe. These partnerships involve the participation of local neurosurgeons and hospitals. Radiosurgery partnerships provide a risk sharing structure that is becoming very popular in emerging countries who suffer from financial constraints.

PRODUCTS-Through an exclusive contract with American Radiosurgery, Inc., Global Cancer Technology is developing several sales prospects for the RGS Orbiter and the RGS Vertex360. The RGS Orbiter is the first to Gamma knife type device that can noninvasively treat tumors of the brain and the rest of the body utilizing the precision of cobalt 60 radiation.
Global Cancer Technology has recently introduced the PEPE- a flat panel image viewing system to upgrade older linear accelerators.

SERVICES- Global Cancer Technology has developed a unique process to remove older gamma knife machines. Global Cancer Technology, Inc. completed the first ever non-manufacturer approved Gamma knife removal in 2015. Hospitals are delighted to have an alternative choice in this complex process and this business should grow exponentially. The average cost to to remove these machines is approximately $600,000.00

Global Cancer Technology, Inc. has shareholders that are international companies with successful track records in their fields of expertise and within the Countries they service. Global Cancer Technology, Inc. should experience rapid growth as its distributors are “on the ground” in their respective regions. The distributors, as shareholders and owners of Global Cancer Technology are also experts at overcoming regulatory, customs and numerous other cultural barriers that would otherwise impede significant product sales.

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