American Radiosurgery Inc.

AMERICAN RADIOSURGERY, INC., was created in 1999 and is a privately held company based in San Diego California. American Radiosurgery, Inc. (ARI) produces the Rotating Gamma System RGS Vertex360™, which competes with the gamma knife* in the noninvasive treatment of brain tumors. The company’s website is The Company is also producing the RGS Orbiter™, a next generation device which will be the first gamma knife type device to treat tumors of the head, neck and spine.

In 2001, American Radiosurgery acquired the rights and inventory of OUR Scientific, Inc. a Chinese company that developed the technology of the Rotating Gamma System. American Radiosurgery then developed its own proprietary treatment planning system software (Explorer 4D™) to operate the RGS Vertex360 and the RGS Orbiter. American Radiosurgery participates in the neuro-radiosurgery marketplace. The Company is the only worldwide competitor to the Swedish company Elekta, the manufacturer of the Gamma Knife. This is a unique market in which the Gamma Knife formally had a monopoly. The basic technology utilizes cobalt-60 radiation for high precision targeting of brain tumors. The RGS Vertex360™ uses 30 cobalt sources to rotate 360° around a tumor with an accuracy of .03mm. The RGS Vertex360™ (brain tumors only) was brought to Market in 2004, since then, the company made 5 placements worldwide and over 6,000 patients have been successfully treated. The RGS Orbiter™ is a new entry to the market, this system is the only single fraction cobalt-60 driven device intended for the treatment of tumors of the head, neck and spine.

The company’s technology base includes the following patents and licensing:

  • License for US patent numbers 5,528,653, 5,757,866 and 6,512,813B1
  • Radioactive Materials license-California 7177-37
  • Source registry CA 1050S102S
  • Device registry CA 1050D101S
  • RGS Vertex360™ 510 K FDA # 060314
  • Explorer 3D™ 510k FDA # 991815
  • Explorer 4D™ 510k FDA # 093588 (CT)
  • Explorer 4D™ 510k FDA # 101220 (MRI)
  • CE Mark and ISO certification: CE 0434, QA 2006-OSL-AQ-0661, QA 2007-OSL- MDD-0009

The company has a base of successful installations. In 2004, American Radiosurgery sold its first Rotating Gamma System Vertex360 to a high profile neurosurgeon in Chicago, Dr. Tomasz Helenowski.

In June 2006, an RGS Vertex360 was purchased and installed at the University of Debrecen in Debrecen, Hungary. This highly acclaimed university serves as an American Radiosurgery reference and training center for all of Europe. To date over 2000 patients have been treated. In August 2007, American Radiosurgery installed a Vertex360™ at its first Asian location at Bach Mai University Hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam. That facility has already treated more than1000 patients with very successful and promising results. In 2008 a second system was installed in Vietnam in a military hospital. In January of 2010, the Company opened its first independent brain tumor treatment center in Anaheim, California. The center is called the Rotating Gamma Institute – Orange County.

*gamma knife is a registered trademark of the Elekta Corporation