The Company

We are an American company with a worldwide vision. From our headquarters in San Diego, California, American Radiosurgery provides surgeons and patients around the world with revolutionary neurosurgical equipment tools. We are the first company in the United States to produce a device utilizing rotating gamma technology for the non-invasive treatment of brain tumors.

Our mission is to utilize the latest technology and the most innovative design to create superior cancer treatment modalities. We strive to provide cancer treating physicians with outstanding products that augment their clinical expertise and maximize patient outcomes.

Would we choose our technology to treat our own cancer? The confidence we have in the excellence of every American Radiosurgery® product is our greatest asset.


We believe in choices. Since our inception in 1999, American Radiosurgery has enabled hospitals and medical centers around the world to establish top-rated neurosurgery programs with affordable, state of the art machinery.

Prior to 1997, there was only one high-precision, dedicated system for intracranial radiosurgery in existence — the Gamma Knife™, manufactured by the Swedish company Elekta AB®. Introduced in 1968, this technology remains essentially unchanged.

In 1997, a new dedicated radiosurgery system design was patented, manufactured and introduced. After further refinement to the mechanization and a change in corporate ownership, this device was reintroduced in 2000 by American Radiosurgery and was originally called the RGS GammaART-6000™. In 2008, the GammaART-6000 name was changed to the RGS Vertex360 to more accurately reflect its 360 degree rotational capabilities. The system specifications and configuration of RGS GammaART-6000™ and RGS Vertex360 remain the same.

American Radiosurgery also produces a radiosurgical device called the Rotating Gamma System Orbiter. This new device will retain all of the capabilities of the original RGS Vertex360, but with the added capability to treat tumors of the neck, spine and body.